• Oh hi! I'm Annelise Smith.
    I UX Design.
    (and snacks)

I'm a UX designer and published pyschology researcher with a knack for building genuine connections with users and finding the best snacks in Seattle.

I believe in evidence-based design. With over 6 years of experience studying human behavior and designing prevention programs, I’m skilled at asking the right questions to get to the root of users' needs and pain points. I apply theories of behavior change and motivation to my designs, translating research into effective solutions that meet user and business needs. I know how to keep the big picture in mind while still being meticulously detail-oriented.

Dive Around the Clock
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WA State Unemployment
Mobile App Concept

User Research, UX/UI Design, Mobile

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Alexa Skill

User Research, UX Design, Voice Recognition

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Who is Annelise?

I'm a Seattle-area native and pragmatic optimist with a healthy sense of humor and strong opinions on the local ice cream scene.

You can learn a lot about someone from what they were like as a child. When I was little, I used to read "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. I kept a journal with detailed notes on which choices I had made to ensure I got every possible story I could out of each book for "maximum enjoyment."

In my spare time, you can find me knitting, playing the ukulele, running around outside, and laughing with friends on a patio in the sun. I think LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.

Why UX? (aka How I Got Here)

I'm genuinely fascinated with human behavior and I'm invested in helping to enhance the wellbeing of people in my community. I value building genuine connections with other people and serving marginalized communities. It's this value that guided me to my current career in User Experience Research and Design.

As a social worker, I observed first-hand the power that technology has in people's lives. In fact, parents would often tell they used mobile games and social media apps as part of their "self-care". I immediately saw how delivering behavioral interventions through mobile apps could create more accessible and cost-effective services, especially for traditionally underserved and hard-to-reach groups.

This was the catalyst that sparked my career change into the world of UX, the next step in my quest to serve my community on a larger scale.


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UX Experience

UX Research Assistant @ Oculus VR (via Filter)
Redmond, WA // Aug 2017 - present

-Work closely with research scientists to set-up and execute on complex user studies from beginning to end.
-Coordinate and direct resources and equipment between multiple user studies
-Collect, store, and analyze study data and present results to lead scientists.
-Conduct literature reviews and write/submit regulatory documents.

UX Designer @ Republic Development and Design
Sacramento, CA (remote) // Jun 2017 - present

--Work with developers to create UX research test plans, project timelines, test scripts, and screeners, and prototypes for e-commerce web design projects.
-Analyze results of user testing and create reports for both in-house developer team and clients.
-Design report templates and other brand collateral in accordance with Republic's style guide and brand voice.

UX Researcher @ Dive Around the Clock
Seattle, WA // Oct 2016 - May 2017

-Improved alignment of website with user needs by implementing primary user research plan, including heuristic evaluation, user interviews, usability testing, and behavioral observation.
-Led usability testing that enabled the development of site maps and wireframes.
-Analyzed data to create personas and user scenarios/journeys.
-Provided research-based design recommendations that increased click-through to donation and volunteer registration pages and increase users' feelings of trust in the organization.

UX Instructional Associate @ General Assembly
Seattle, WA // Jan 2017 - Apr 2017

-Taught UX research methods, persona creation, journey mapping, and mobile design in an 10-week immersive UX design course.
-Improved user satisfaction with course dashboard site by executing usability tests and interviews to make evidence-based design changes.
-Managed student groups and provided feedback on user research strategy for mobile and web design projects.
-Organized a campus-wide hackathon for 35 students
-Updated and designed curriculum to align with current UX industry standards.

Other Experience

Field Marketing Specialist @ Freelance
Seattle, WA // Oct 2015-Aug 2016

-Devised, organized, and oversaw execution of guerrilla marketing campaigns to drive product awareness and foster brand loyalty.

Child Protective Services Invetigator @ Dept. of Social and Health Services
Tacoma, WA // Sep 2014- Oct 2015

-Conducted forensic interviews to identify core family problems and make legal decisions about child safety in high-stress situations.
-Collaborated with internal/external stakeholders to design safety plans.
-Prepared interview and investigation findings for submission as evidence in criminal court cases in compliance with strict legal deadlines.

Site Coordinator @ Communities in Schools
Lakewood, WA // Aug 2013- Oct 2014

-Collaborated with student, family, school, and community stakeholders to identify core student needs and secure community-level resources for at-risk students.

Research Associate @ Washington State University
Pullman, WA // Aug 2011- Aug 2013

-Managed day-to-day functioning of an NIH-funded research program.
-Oversaw collection, coding, and analysis of qualitative/quantitative study data.
-Authored scholarly publications and presented findings to stakeholder groups.
-Worked with program managers to create and execute on data collection and analysis plans to inform student health services programming.
-Developed user research plans for student health promotion programs.
-Designed, implemented, and evaluated studen health promotion campaigns.
-Wrote briefs/literature reviews to support planning and decision-making.

Invited Presentations

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